Hydrate Rose Toner

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A truly alcohol-and-preservative-free toner that leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean.

Our alcohol-free Hydrate Rose Toner is ideal for dry, sensitive, or mature skin. With a soft honey-like scent, its cooling potency works wonders for red, inflamed, or irritated conditions. Its gentle toning action firms the skin at the same time sealing in hydration.

Hydrosols are the direct result of the steam distilling process; the steam condenses back into water carrying the essence of the plant material with it. You can find nothing more pure or gentle to use on the skin.

How to Use

Face: Mist after applying Nourish Face Serum or as needed throughout the day.

Body: Mist all over for the ultimate mid-day refresh.

Eyes: Misting from above, let the mist fall into eyes as you blink to soothe & hydrate.

Hair: Spray into damp hair while styling to reduce frizz and add moisture and shine. Spray into the scalp to help alleviate signs of dandruff and hair fall.


Pure Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol

Sensitive Skin Friendly

In the years I’ve been making these products, I’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from many customers who have extremely sensitive, easily-reactive, or otherwise “problem” skin. Please consider the Trial Kit if you are curious about how your skin might benefit — and you can always reach out to me with any questions at zach@elementselfcare.com.


Product Reviews

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Best Toner
Written by Jaimee on Jan 6th 2022

I can’t get enough of this product! It’s great after washing my face, a mid day refresh or by the pool.

A refreshing addition to my life
Written by Melanie on Mar 28th 2020

This is an uplifting mist that I enjoy every time I use it. Over the past couple months I have noticed a nice improvement in the overall appearance of my skin and I completely attribute this to the rose hydrosol mist in combination with the nourish facial serum. I’m really impressed with and highly recommend these products!

Another Winner From this Brand
Written by Nita on Feb 16th 2020

This mist is great to use in conjunction with their facial oil, or any moisturizer I have found. It calms and soothes my skin, and just really great for year round use. I have combo, sensitive skin that just doesn't take to a lot of stuff. But my skin has been a fan of this product since my first use.