Sleep Well Pillow Mist

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Pillow Mist

Anchor your bedtime routine with this luscious and intoxicating mist.

Drift sweetly to sleep with the soft ambrosial scents of ylang ylang and vanilla, the clarifying bittersweetness of orange, the earthy heaviness of jatamamsi, & the sedative spice of nutmeg.

Our entire line of Sleep Well products work together to create a bedtime routine supportive of your body’s natural rhythms to promote sound sleep and rejuvenative rest.

How to Use

Mist your pillow, sheets, body, and air around you before bed to promote restful sleep. Safe to spray on the skin, linens, and upholstery.

What is Gemme Eau Fraîche?

A light all-natural crystal-charged mist for your body, linens, and atmosphere.

The formula is scented with pure essential oils, CO2 extracts, and hydrosols chosen for their aromatherapeutic benefits. Each handcrafted batch is energized with crystals over a complete moon cycle. The solution is then triple filtered before bottling to clarify the water and refine the scent profile.


*organic, ^wild harvest, +non-sprayed

Liquid Base: Distilled Water, Vanilla Hydrosol*, Perfumers Alcohol / EO: Nutmeg, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, Jatamamsi / Gem Charge: Hematite, Quartz