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Aromatherapy Allies

$70.00 On Sale
Clear your space, calm your nerves, focus your mind. Nourish your sense of smell with pure essential oil based products for atmosphere, linens, and body. Each kit comes with one each: Balance Essential Oil Concentrate Mini Mist Sampler Pack (4...

Breathe Well Duo

$30.00 - $40.00
Support the health and resilience of your airways with our Prana Nasya Oil and Clarify Steaming Herbs. This dynamic duo will help you cleanse and nourish the nostrils and sinuses, which can have a beneficial impact for the entire respiratory system. The...

Daily Care Essentials

$45.00 On Sale
Introduce structure into your daily rhythm with these self care essentials. Copper Tongue Scraper First thing in the morning (before teeth brushing), gently scrape the tongue from back to front. Rinse the utensil between scrapings as necessary. In...

Healing Touch Trio

$60.00 On Sale
Nourish your sense of touch with these products that promote loving and healing self care. As we practice physical distancing, our sense of touch may go undernourished. Use this kit to explore a variety of ways to bring mindful loving touch into...
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Immune Wellness Guardians

$60.00 On Sale
Immunity is a lifestyle and something to cultivate everyday. Ayurvedic daily routine and herbal supplement can help the body maintain its resilience and deep vitality. This kit is a toolbox of allies for your immune system! COPPER TONGUE SCRAPER First...

Self Care Warriors

$108.00 On Sale
Create a lifestyle centered around authentic self care. A complete support kit for anyone looking for all the tools to build a daily routine of compassion, steadiness, and wellness. Each kit comes with: Balance Sugar Scrub Prana Nasya Oil (.5...
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