Prana Nasya Oil

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(prah-nuh) Refined aspect of life-force energy; also the channels for breath within the body.


(nahs-yuh) An age-old ayurvedic practice of oiling the nostrils.

Element’s Prana Nasya Oil is enriched with 3 herbs to benefit the mind, nervous system, and breathing passages along with a delightful blend of essential oils to please the senses.

While Nasya Oil is considered a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for dry nostrils, congested sinuses, nervous tension, & headache, it’s not simply something to use when you’re not feeling well — it is a rich daily practice that offers cumulative benefits to your mind, nervous system, immunity, and sense perception.

How to Use

  • Massage 3-5 drops of nasya oil in each nostril 1-3 times daily. You may use a fingertip to massage the oil into the nostril or drop the oil with the head tilted back.
  • Best times of day are early morning, mid-afternoon (if needed), and before bed.
  • Nasya is also useful applied before pranayama, meditation, or yoga nidra practices.
  • If congested or blocked, cleanse the nostrils and sinuses with Steam Clarifying Herbs, warm water face massage, or neti pot (wait 30-60 minutes after neti to ensure full water evacuation from the sinuses).

Key Ingredients

  • Calamus Root is known to act as a mild decongestant and bronchodilator, helping to clear the breathing passages. Unlike some decongestants or nasal sprays, Nasya Oil will not dry out the mucous membranes as the oil nourishes the tissue.
  • Brahmi & Shankha Pushpi have an affinity for the brain and nervous system, imparting clarity and calm. Delivering this herbal infused oil through the sinus passages is an ideal way to benefit from their healing gifts.
  • Rosemary offers subtle stimulating action, which may aid in concentration and focus for the mind.



Oils*: Sesame, Sunflower / Herbs*: Brahmi, Shankha Pushpi, Calamus Root / EO: Eucalyptus*, Coriander CO2, Sandalwood, Rosemary

Traditional Ayurvedic Process

We make our own herbal infused oil by way of ancient ayurvedic tradition to ensure you receive the benefits of these potent herbs. Read more about it in our blog post.

Product Reviews

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Helps my sinuses
Written by Norma Felbinger on Jan 26th 2021

I have been using this product twice a day every day for several years. I feel it has kept my sinus issues at bay. I find it especially helpful in the winter to keep my nasal passages moisturized.

powerful and nourishing nasya
Written by Adam on Dec 30th 2020

I've tried a few different nasya oils, and each one has a different effect. I really like this one; it is powerfully invigorating, even as it soothes.

Best nasaya oil I've found!
Written by Lucy on Jun 25th 2020

I've tried so many different kinds of nose oil to soothe with my allergies, and took a chance on ordering this one online. I am so happy I did! The scent is light and not overbearing, yet also very nice. The oil is light and very soothing. I will definitely order again.

Addicted to this wonderful oil!
Written by Dana on Apr 6th 2020

Love the Prana Nasya oil!

Life changing for the winter months
Written by Ana on Feb 26th 2020

Although I was a bit apprehensive at first, this Nasya Oil has been such a great help during the winter months. Chicago can be very dry and cold, and our home is quite dry in the winter, and this Nasya oil has significantly reduced dryness and nose bleeding for both me and my husband. I love the scent, and it does not affect my allergies at all. If anything, it helps me out with them too!

Love this!
Written by Jessica Langenfeld on Jan 9th 2020

If your loved one or yourself snore and you would like a quieter night's sleep, I have found this to be an amazing solution. If it doesn't completely stop the snoring, I have noticed it makes it much more tolerable!

Must-have for winter!
Written by Kari on Dec 15th 2019

Officially obsessed with this Nasya oil! I love the scent and the immediate soothing feeling after massaging in and around my nose.

Nasya oil
Written by Melissa Hooper on Sep 12th 2019

I prefer the special edition vata-reducing nasya oil, but this is a great option. Lovely.