Longest Night Roll-On Oil Perfume

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As the winter chill sets in and daylight wanes, we quietly approach the winter solstice: the shortest day and longest night of the year.

The scent starts off deep, dark, woodsy, and herbal thanks to a delicious blend of palo santo, clary sage, and holy basil. After a few moments, the warming spice of black pepper comes forward making way for the ethereal lift of orange blossom from petitgrain. A subtle creamy, powdery sweetness from calamus root holds it all together.

This formula of precious oils is inspired by the passage of this longest night into the rebirth of sunlight as the days gradually grow longer and brighter. May it bring to you the strength, endurance, and resilience to approach this winter season with lightness, ease, and stability.



Fractionated Coconut Oil / Pure Essential Oils: Palo Santo, Clary Sage, Petitgrain, Tulsi, Black Pepper, Calamus Root