June Donations

For the month of June, 25% of all sales will be donated to Du Nord Riot Recovery Fund and RECLAIM.

In the days since George Floyd was unjustly murdered in Minneapolis, our city, the nation, and the world has responded with unprecedented grief. As the protests in our city turned into riots, many local, independent, and BIPOC owned businesses also sustained damage.

I never thought I'd have to say that I stand against racism, white supremacy, and police brutality, but that is another blind spot of my own white privilege (as I've had the privilege to ignore the enduring presence of these long-standing injustices). Well, I do. To affirm, I am focused on being a community partner and dedicated to learning how to be and act better to support oppressed communities.

In that light, for the month of June, 25% of Element's sales will be donated to the Du Nord Riot Recovery Fund, benefiting the local BIPOC businesses that were damaged by the riots, and RECLAIM, which provides access to mental wellness support for queer and trans youth.

A new addition to our store is our Guided Meditations. The first (Boundary and Protection) is available now, with more tracks shortly on the way. These are offered in good faith, available for free for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ identified individuals, and for donation for those who have the resources. 100% of the revenue will go to the above causes.

Featured Products

We are donating 100% of the profits from the following items:

May this blend of sacred oils bring to us strength, endurance, and resilience. May it make us steadfast in our ability to learn from times of darkness, rather than run from it. May it remind us that the sun always returns.

Cleanse, fortify, and nourish your energetic field; return to your authentic state of Self. This 20 minute long guided audio recording includes physical awareness, simple breathing, visualization, and energy healing.

Featured Organizations

Du Nord Riot Recovery Fund

Du Nord Craft Spirits is establishing the The Du Nord Riot Recovery Fund to support black and brown companies affected by the riots in Minneapolis. In the coming days we will add to the leadership team to bring in more business owners and community leaders. We are dedicated to rebuilding Minneapolis in a way that ensures our cultural beacons are restored.


RECLAIM works to increase access to mental health support so that queer and trans youth may reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms. Reclaim partners with youth ages 13 – 25 who are marginalized because of their gender identity, gender expression and/or sexual orientation. In addition to providing excellent care for youth, our vision is to change the landscape of access to care for queer and trans youth. We do this through deep practitioner development, training, education and outreach, and community partnerships at the intersection of gender and racial justice.