Ignite Roll-On Oil Perfume


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This roll-on style natural oil perfume offers a stronger concentrate of essential oils for a longer-lasting scent to be worn as a perfume or cologne.

Scent Profile

  • Overall: herb, citrus, spice.
  • Top Notes: Pungent Pink Peppercorn and sunny citrusy Red Grapefruit intertwine with hints of verdant Rosemary.
  • Heart Notes: As the Pink Peppercorn evolves into more powdery floral-like notes, bitter citrus from Bergamot and heady efflorescence from Petitgrain add depth and complexity.
  • Base Notes: Strong, woody, and mysterious Pine holds grounding while the other spicy, herbal, and floral transitions calm into a warm, dry, sunkissed forest floor.

How to Use

Apply to wrists, neck, pulse points, or marma points as a personal scent.

Enjoy the benefit of the aromatherapeutic effects of the pure essential oils and observe the curious dry-out as the scent evolves and unfolds over the course of a few hours.


*organic, ^wild harvest, +non-sprayed

Base: Fractionated Coconut Oil / EO: Pink Peppercorn, Rosemary Verbenone*, Red Grapefruit, Bergamot*, Pine, Petitgrain

Product Reviews

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tending one's flame
Written by Elizabeth McAllister on Jan 23rd 2021

Ignite is a lovely perfume, with an excellent balance of scents. I've been enjoying a couple other perfumes- Ground and the Longest Night- for some time now, and now Ignite is equally beloved! I reach for it in moments of ramping up my energy and stoking my inner flame, as well as after the action is past and its time to bank the coals. Highly recommended for anyone who "runs hot" and needs a reminder to let their energy surface in a sustained fashion, rather than a big burst.