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limited release

This deeply nourishing oil is infused with 12 therapeutic ayurvedic root herbs and lightly scented with our Longest Night limited release formula (which debuted Holiday 2019). The soft scent of palo santo, the richness of clary sage and holy basil, lifted by orange blossom will nourish your senses like never before. The grounding and fortifying action of ashwagandha root, shatavari root, and dashamula (10 roots blend)will bring you back to earth, back so self, back to source.


Our fabulous sugar scrub just got a holiday drag makeover, and she is ready for anything, honey! This unique blend is made with completely pure essential oils and CO2 extracts — no synthetic or chemical solvent extracts here. The trio of robust freshly ground coffee, luscious rich cocoa, and cool crisp peppermint is highlighted by the addition of sweet cardamom and a pinch of spicy cinnamon. This will be your favorite morning body scrub this winter!


Originally released last winter solstice, this blend has proven itself worthy of continued production throughout this trying year. The scent starts deep, dark, woodsy, and herbal thanks to a delicious blend of palo santo, clary sage, and holy basil. After a few moments, the warming spice of black pepper comes forward making way for the ethereal lift of orange blossom from petitgrain. A subtle creamy, powdery sweetness from calamus root holds it all together. The scent journey feels like making your way through a dark winter forest only to feel the warmth of the sun as it rises anew.

May this blend of sacred oils bring to us strength, endurance, and resilience. May it make us steadfast in our ability to learn from times of darkness, rather than run from it. May it remind us that the sun always returns.



gift sets

NOTE: Gift sets are packaged and dressed for individual shipment, to be opened as a gift upon receipt in the mail. If you are purchasing multiple gift sets for multiple delivery addresses, please place individual orders. A single order with multiple gift sets included for the same address will be combined into one shipment and may not be dressed for gifting.

Stocking Stuffer Gift Set

These easy-to-gift stocking stuffers make great host gifts! Choose from our 4 signature scent blends. Each Stocking Stuffer includes the scent pair of the Natural Oil Perfume Roll-On and a Mini Body & Linen Mist.


Balance Gift Set

Configure your own gift set by choosing from any of our 5 Balance products (mist, roll-on, bath salt, sugar scrub, or essential oil concentrate)! Balance is our top-selling and most popular signature scent blend of spearmint, lavender, and patchouli. It's fresh, neutral, and easy on the nose so it's a safe bet for gift giving.


Facial Care Trial Gift Set

Skin care is personal and can be a risk to gift, which is why our Facial Care Trial Kit is a great option! It's a low-cost, low-risk opportunity to share all-natural, sensitive-skin friendly products with your loved ones. You can even throw in a gift certificate for their future purchases!


Sleep Well Gift Set

Give the gift of rest & rejuvenation this season! Our trustworthy line of sleep support products make great gifts for new parents, college students, and any other loved ones who have trouble sleeping.  

Breathe Well Gift Set

Wintertime dryness can wreak havoc on the sinuses, so give the gift of our Clarify Steam Herbs and soothing Prana Nasya Oil (nasal oil)! During the pandemic, it's essential that we keep our respiratory system supported, protected, and functional.





Because we know that Element self care products are personal and it can be difficult to pick out that perfect item for someone else, consider the option of a gift certificate! That way, you can share your love of Element and give your loved one the freedom to choose their own favorite item.

You can even pair your gift certificate with a small size of your favorite Element product, or share a list of your personal top 3 items to get them started! 




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