Facial Care Trial Kit

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Get to know our premiere facial care products formulated for all skin types.

The Facial Care Trial Kit includes a 2-week supply of the Refine Facial Paste, Nourish Face Serum, and Tone Rose Hydrosol — and a code for free shipping on your next full-size purchase!

Each item is crafted with pure botanical ingredients, which means NO preservatives, NO synthetic ingredients, NO petrochemicals, and NO fillers.

3 Steps to Healthy Skin

  1. Refine Facial Paste: this all-natural powder cleanses the pores, reduces redness, and softens skin without drying out. Use as daily cleanser and/or occasional mask.
  2. Nourish Face Serum: a potent formula to reduce redness, balance oil production, and rejuvenate at a cellular level, leaving the skin nourished and radiant. Use 1-2x daily.
  3. Tone Rose Hydrosol: its cooling potency works wonders for red, inflamed, or irritated conditions, while its toning action firms the skin at the same time sealing in hydration. Mist the face after applying serum and as needed throughout the day.

Sensitive Skin Friendly

In the years I’ve been making these products, I’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from many customers who have extremely sensitive, easily-reactive, or otherwise “problem” skin. Please consider this Trial Kit if you are curious about how your skin might benefit — and you can always reach out to me with any questions at zach@elementselfcare.com.