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Deep Roots Body Oil

Deep Roots Body Oil

A body oil that's beyond skin deep. A deeply fortifying oil for abhyanga (self massage) infused with 12 healing roots and lightly scented with inspired essenses. Key Ingredients Ashwagandha & Shatavari Roots are two powerful rejuvenative adaptogen...
Longest Night Roll-On Oil Perfume

Longest Night Roll-On Oil Perfume

Inspired by the winter solstice, the scent journey of this natural oil perfume feels like making your way through a dark winter forest only to feel the warmth of the sun as it rises anew. May this blend of sacred oils bring to us strength, endurance, and...
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Mint Mocha Sugar Scrub

Mint Mocha Sugar Scrub

This will be your favorite morning body scrub this winter! Exfoliate dull, dry skin leaving a nourished, soft, radiant glow. Our fabulous sugar scrub just got a holiday drag makeover, and she is ready for anything, honey! This unique blend is made with...
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