Sun Salutations: Caring for Sun-kissed Skin

Sun Exposure

Relief Remedies

Whether your skin feels a little touched by sun, has turned a bit pink, or you got fried at the beach, these all-natural remedies and lifestyle tips will come in handy this summer!

  1. Cool Shower/Bath

    One of the best things to do as soon as you can is to rinse off in a cool water shower or bath. The cool quality of the water will help your skin release the excess heat it's holding from its time in the sun. It also feels incredibly soothing.

  2. Rose Hydrosol

    Mist liberally with our  Rose Hydrosol Mist several times a day for increased soothing and healing action. You can start using the rose immediately upon noticing any skin reaction to sun and continue use until you feel your skin has recovered.

  3. Pure Aloe Vera

    Ditch the green gel (which is often packed with extra fillers and chemicals) and go for the real thing. Of course, you can keep your own aloe plant (which are fairly easy to maintain), but if you don't quite have the green thumb, you can buy a decent equivalent. Your local health food store (or Amazon) should have a bottle of pure aloe vera inner filet gel. This just the stuff inside the aloe leaf. Gently massage this true aloe gel into any fresh or more intense sunburn 1-3x a day for the first 24-72 hours.

  4. Condition Healing Oil

    Once the intensity of the sunburn has eased (usually within 24-72 hours), transition from pure aloe gel to our  Condition Healing Oil which is a simple formula of neem-infused coconut oil. Avoid placing any oil on your burn while it is fresh — this can actually worsen the condition. Neem and coconut are both praised for their intensely cooling potency and affinity for supporting skin health and nourishment. Gentle oil massage will also help mitigate the excess skin peeling that happens after a bad burn.

  5. Cooling Paste

    Mix 1/2-1 teaspoon of our  Refine Facial Paste with just enough pure aloe vera gel (see above) to make a spreadable paste. Apply this to any skin that needs extra relief. The ingredients in the Facial Paste will help draw out excess heat, alleviate redness, and maintain the softness of the skin tissue. Leave on 10-30 minutes and gently rinse off with cool water.

  6. Loose, Soft Clothing

    Nothing feels worse on a sunburn than overly tight clothing or scratchy fabrics. It can truly feel like sandpaper across your tender skin. Favor natural fibers like cotton with a loose fit that gives your skin literal room to breathe.

While these remedies can be useful for moderate sun exposure, please consult your professional health care provider for any indication of severe burn or concern of skin-cancer.

As always, the best remedy is prevention — so when possible stay in the shade, don a wide brimmed hat, wear SPF clothing, and apply your sunscreen of choice for any exposed skin.

Photo by:

unsplash-logoJared Rice