​Living Ayurveda Invitation: Reconsider Your Routines

We are all working to skillfully navigate these times with as much ease and grace as possible. All of our routines have been shifted as we shelter in place.

Now is a time that many are considering what routines work for them, humanity, the planet, and the cosmos. And which routines conscious and unconscious were in place in our lives, that were actually causing us, others, the planet, and the cosmos harm.

We are being invited into a time of great transformation and healing. And while we observe our own suffering and the suffering of the collective we are being invited into a time to consider, reevaluate and practice routines that keep our systems in harmony with our energies, and in harmony with nature, and the nature of the planet at this time. 

No better time is there to join an online forum where daily routines will be considered, and experience the wisdom and support that Yoga and Ayurveda offer us. To this end, Zach Zube and Elizabeth Sullivan have reimagined and revamped their offering for the Living Ayurveda Lifestyle Immersion to support each of us optimally during crisis and quarantine.

Consider the definition of crisis: "the turning point for better or worse." What if we use this time to heal the dissonance in ourselves? And within that space and place, we support ourselves with routines that nourish great self care, and provide ourselves the energy to act with compassionate skillful action, and straight thinking to care optimally not only for ourselves, but for our planet and all sentient beings.

We can become a chrysalis or a cocoon. One transforms from the inside out. The other cocoons itself for protection. Ultimately both transform; while the experience is vastly different.

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Many thanks to contributing author: Elizabeth Sullivan