A Reflection & Invitation

Hello Dear 5-Elemental Beings,

I’m so happy to announce Element’s first course offering: 

Living Ayurveda During Crisis & Quarantine

In addition to the rich herbal apothecary items I craft, I’m so inspired to get back my feet back into the soil of teaching and supporting through service. This six-week lifestyle program was co-created with my friend  Elizabeth Sullivan, who brings a rich background of yoga therapy, energy medicine, and ayurveda as well.

You might be wondering, “Why is the guy who makes my  facial serum offering an online ayurvedic lifestyle program?”

That’s a great question! If you only know me from selling at markets or online, you might not know that I am a board-certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and well-studied yoga teacher. Before crafting products for Element became my main focus, I was teaching classes, workshops, and immersion programs very similar to this.

This great global disruption spurred me to contemplate and reconnect with facets of my core desires that have gone ignored since I stopped teaching and leading programs. I told myself I needed to narrow my focus and just pay attention to making products. To a large extent, this narrowed focus was (and will still be) necessary to keep the company functioning well.

However, Element is not just about the product, the oil, the mist. It’s really about the loving acts of self care those products inspire in our everyday lives. What may look like a one-dimensional bottle of oil to some, I see as a multi-dimensional opportunity to ride the waves of your senses and tap into the core essence of your nature.

Yeah, it’s a big concept and doesn’t make for an easy marketing slogan. But my point is that these products were never about the material good — they were always about the intention that they are tools to help us live our best lives.

If anything is evident from this pandemic, it’s that there is truly no time but the present. Elizabeth and I both felt this surge of creative energy that called us to bring this program forward now. I know that I need it, and it seems as though many others need it too.

In a spirit of innovation, reclamation of latent desires, and intuition I invite you to move forward with us. Join Elizabeth and me as we share the tools that are helping us live our best lives, amidst the stumbles and bumbles. Speaking for myself, I have many examples of what I’m learning from my mistakes too.

Living Ayurveda is not about Living Perfection, Living 100% Clean, or Living Austerity. Living Ayurveda is about living real life and learning how to better adapt to the changes in our world and tend to the needs of our whole being. It’s not always cute or Instagram-worthy. It can be a little rough and uncomfortable, but it can also be beautiful and freeing.

If you’re ready to join a community aimed at living authentically,  register today!

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With heartfelt gratitude,